The central space is the largest space in the DoTank, it allows to organize events of 8 to 60 people. This space is modular and generally used in one of three configurations:
The table is in the center of the space, and participants can comfortably see the presentation projected on the wall.
The table is positioned at the bottom of the space that is clear to present your products. Wheeled furniture and modular storage furniture are available.
The table is positioned in the background, the stage is positioned in front of the projector to accommodate the speakers, chairs are arranged to accommodate the audience.

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8 + 14 =


1 large table – 14 armchairs

6 mobile tables

1 overhead projector

4 storage furniture

1 stage with 1 sofa and 2 armchairs

25 folding chairs

2 speakers

2 multi-takes

1 coat rack


Hot drinks

Common spaces





The DoTank is an old Laser printing plant, the building has cachet, it is very well equipped, pleasant to live but it is far from being the conventional office space… and we like it. The size of the building and its layout make, for example, the management of sound or thermal insulation sometimes quite random, especially in extreme situations. It is these imperfections that make the place attractive and create a different work environment that the people who organize events there appreciate.

The forum space is the central space of the DoTank, it is an open space, it allows to organize events of 8 to 60 people.

The overhead projector works very well with Apple devices (Airplay) or with HDMI cable on recent (High Resolution) computers. If the overhead projector is required, it is imperative to test the configuration before the event.

No equipment other than the equipment mentioned before is available, in particular, no microphones, whiteboards, etc. If you have specific needs or require additional benefits, a supplementary quote will be made.

The space is equipped with toilets in the left corner, these toilets can be used if necessary by the coworkers within business hours.

The central space is an open space, especially on the staircase descending to the lower level, so members of the coworking space can move around. Depending on the schedule it is necessary to take these coworkers into account and adjust the sound level of your event accordingly.

This central space is also the coldest space. Depending on the year, be sure to anticipate the potential freshness of the venue for the participants in your event. If necessary, parasol heaters are available for rent and are subject to a supplementary quote.