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Néafila is the first urban micro-sprout farm located in downtown Montpellier. The shoots are distributed by bicycle to restaurants and local shops!

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Smart B is an eco-blockchain network that holds a portfolio of data and impact measurements. Citizens gain insight on their data and can decide whom they give access to through their digital identities.

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WASHiN is a global project with 3 parts: public laundry in Montpellier, WASHiN Connected throughout France and WASHiN Free with laundry pickup in Montpellier. DoTank offers WASHiN Connected where everything is run through an app called “Laveries Wash’in.” You don’t have to worry about payment or detergent because it’s all done automatically through our app!


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Anges specializes in the management of student residences and subsidized housing for students and young workers.


Silicon Salad is an independent and multi-expertise web agency, based in Lille and Montpellier. Our 4 main businesses are the creation of websites, the creation of e-commerce sites, the creation of mobile applications and the implementation of tailor-made digital Marketing strategies.

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Raymonde Teisserenc Bonesteve has been an interior decorator for over twenty years. She works for individuals and professionals, and creates atmospheres filled with poetry and originality.

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